Music Tv Series part 2


   New songs to add to my ‘tv series’ collection and cool enough to share them with you.

   Grey’s Anatomy- Banks- You should know where I’m coming from
   The Vampire Diaries- Gabrielle Aplin- Salvation

   There were other awesome songs but these are the ones that made ‘the repeat’ list:) Feel free to share what you liked best from these series or, why not, other series.

One thought on “Music Tv Series part 2

  1. Well, I don’t know if it’s anything you’d be inetserted in. You could try Doctor Who. I wasn’t really into science fiction until I started watching Doctor Who. It’s a great show. About an alien time traveller who saves the universe in a flying blue box! Well, the flying blue box is his space/time ship and it’s bigger on the inside! The latest series begins in a few months in the UK and possibly in the US too. It looks like it will be an exciting one with a new actor playing “the Doctor” (10 actors have already played the part over the years, this new guy makes 11. That’s more actors than James Bond!). There are also DVDs and things to watch. “New” Doctor Who started in 2005. But the show has been around since 1963. So there’s plenty to watch and keep you busy.Another show you could try, if you haven’t already, is House. I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy myself but everyone I know, as soon as they find out I like House, they ask “Oh do you like Grey’s Anatomy?” So apparently, if you like one, you’ll like the other.One show that I recommend to everyone (well, besides Doctor Who) is Psych. Very funny show. A guy pretends to be psychic and he uses his fake psychic abilities to solve crimes. -9Was this answer helpful?

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