Pops of color

zara scarf, zara blazer, red canvas bag, hm jeans, new look ankle boots
A scarf can make all the difference




zara blue scarf, zara navy blazer, cherries brooch, red purse




In Romania we celebrate the arrival of Spring on 1st of March. And we do that by wearing a pin or a brooch that has a white and red string tied on it. It symbolizes the rebirth of nature and wearing this is suppose to bring you health and luck all year long. We wear this talisman ( or just the string) every day and then, at the end of March, we tie our strings to a fruit-tree’s branch and make a wish. We call this talisman Mărțișor which means ‘little March’.
My symbol for Mărțișor was the knitted cherries you see pinned on my lapel. I never had a knitted brooch before and I was so excited when I got this one. I didn’t build my outfit around it but I was happy to see how well it all matches.
The old building that you see in the back in the second photo is the old casino of Constanta, a historic building that is the city’s landmark (more related pics here ). It was inaugurated in 1910 and it was a luxurious place meant for hosting theater, balls and parties. Because it was an expensive building to maintain, some casino type games are authorized and so it becomes even more popular.
Today, as you can see, it’s not functional but you can still tell it was the place to be back then in Constanta. It has an interesting history and it is indeed a beautiful building. If you’re into that kind of stuff you should look it up. They plan to restore it in a couple of years(or so they said) but I doubt it will ever be again what it once was. The Casino still has its magic but the people don’t anymore. How do you restore that?



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12 thoughts on “Pops of color

  1. Oh, la Cazino, chiar ma intrebam unde sunt facute pozele, caci muzeu din Mangalie e micut si… altfel. 🙂
    Superba brosa tricotata, ador si esarfa ta cu buline pentru o doza buna de culoare. Imi place! xo

  2. “Alina” means “light” in classical Greek. Therefore; this little Cherub’s name translates into the “Light of an Angel.”
    A light from an Angel cast down from the heavens to rescue a wounded soul from the depths of hell.

      1. I made up the last sentence, but I wished that I said that “the light from this Angel,” or something to that effect.
        =^ w ^=

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