A Denim Idea









Wish I had a more glamorous post for my comeback but I keep forgetting my camera at home. Unforgivable for a fashion blogger. I hope to make it right in the future posts but, until then, we have a day in the park(s).

For walking around on a sunny day I chose light colors and comfortable clothes. I also really wanted to wear that denim jacket. It was my best friend’s and she gave it to me in what I’m sure it was a drastic cleaning attack of her closet. (If you like it again, too bad cause I’m not giving it back 😀 ) It’s a great denim piece that gives a hint of sophistication to a rather simple look. It looks even better with a white maxi summer dress and bohemian jewellery. Now if only I could find the perfect dress but it’s not as easy as you’d think. ‘Less is more’ seems like a foreign concept to some stores, affordable stores that is. But it’s okay. Looking is fun too.

What’s your favorite denim piece and how do you style it?





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