I’m a colorful girl









I had a lovely weekend. I went to two parks, one of them twice, went to a private club where I had a delicious stake and then in a bar on a boat where I had a large cocktail that left me a little buzzed. Yes, it was a lovely weekend. How was yours?
I wore this gorgeous floral print dress and blue suede heels accessorized with my favorite purse, a mustard belt, gold ring, golden bangle and long earrings. Even though I love this dress, I’m not sure if I’ll wear it again anytime soon because it wrinkles so fast. Breath and it gets wrinkled. Any ideas on how to fix that? It’s 100% linen, if that matters.

As for the accessories, I went for gold because even though I’m in love with anything silver right now, golden jewellery will always feel more elegant to me. Subtle golden accents topped off with those wooden/amber earrings and cognac brown purse created the perfect fusion between elegant and bohemian. After all, I went to a park… in heels. Something had to give šŸ˜€


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