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I bought this skirt a few months ago and I was so excited to wear it. Because of its color, I thought it would be perfect for fall and that it would go well with a pair of over the knee boots or over the knee socks or both. I waited and waited for cooler days and at least a couple of fallen leaves but that isn’t happening. Summer is still going strong and, in the meantime, this skirt appeared on every rack in every store and everybody has one. It’s not as special anymore but it’s still very pretty. So I gave in and I’m wearing it now before it becomes retro again.

It’s kind of sad how since I became a blogger I’ve developed this love/hate relationship with the weather and other things that have nothing to do with the actual outfits. When it comes to the photos, forget the location (my God this city is filled with parked cars!), there’s still the weather factor that needs to be taken into account. Breezy but not windy, warm but not hot, sunny but not like ‘My eyes! Oh, my eyes!’. 😀

I’m not a professional photographer and my camera isn’t pro either so every little ray of sunshine and every little weather change matters a lot. But all of this makes the process less spontaneous and the photos less candid and I really dislike that. There’s a lot of waiting around for the right light in the right place and that takes the fun out of it. Too much planning around the weather, the light, the location makes it feel phony and I wonder if other fashion/personal style bloggers feel the same way.

Turns out that lately I’m not a slave to fashion but a slave to the weather.




6 thoughts on “A-line for Alina

    1. I know all about windy days and flying skirts :)) Oh, and messy hair.
      I’m kind of relieved to hear that I’m not the only one planning my photo shoots around the forces of nature 🙂
      I will wear this skirt again as soon as over the knee boots and other warm garments are in season 😀

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