‘Tis The Season










‘Tis the season to be jolly. Or not.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all and I’m not feeling particularly jolly either. Something’s off this year. I used to be one of those people that start listening to carols mid November… but not this year. Three days ’til Christmas and I’m just sitting here, thinking what’s in the fridge that I could eat without cooking it. And that’s as far as my plans go, too: lunch. Yep, something’s definitely off this year.

A few days ago I made an effort to get into the xmas spirit. That’s when I took these photos. It felt more like Easter with a Christmas tree in the background but I went through with it anyway. I’d try another Christmas inspired outfit for the next post but seeing how the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, I don’t think me in a bathing suit would be very Christmassy 😀

Anyway, I love this coat so much. The color, the fit, the feel of it…it’s perfect! You know that guy that has a favorite t-shirt and wears it all the time? Whenever you see him, he’s wearing that t-shirt: vacations, concerts, dates etc. It’s usually a cool t-shirt, perhaps one with a rock band on it, but he made it uncool by wearing it to death. We all know someone like that, either on facebook or real life and you’re like ‘Common man, it’s been 5 years, get over it!’. Well, I think I’ll be like that guy but instead of the t-shirt I’d be wearing this coat :)) I’m already doing so with the bag. It’s gonna fall apart soon but I love it so much that I always end up picking it over other bags that would probably go way better with the outfit.

I hope you’re feeling the Christmas spirit and if you are, throw some my way cause the only thing that the eggnog and twinkle lights are giving me are headaches 😀

I’ll go stare into the fridge now.




6 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season

  1. I am feeling the Christmas Spirit because you have provided it to me. So, this is me throwing some of my Christmas spirit your way Deary!

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