Sky Without Blue







I wrote a looong text for this blog post and then I realized it had nothing to do with the photos. I wrote about my struggle to adapt to the way relationships work in this city, about superficiality and hypocrisy. So far, I have a vicious text, an aggressive rant about a world that’s upside down. I hope I can rewrite it to tone it down a bit mainly because it’s not my style to judge. However, I won’t be quiet and nice about it anymore because it’s starting to affect me directly.

In the meantime, I hope you find inspiration from the outfit above. I like that jacket a lot and I hope I get the chance to wear it again soon. I love the fabric, the cut, the color. It’s easy to stand out from the crowd in a jacket like that 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S.: The top reads:

Sky without blue

A panda without bamboo

Is like me without you



8 thoughts on “Sky Without Blue

  1. Alina pumps the brakes on her signature “Romanian Stealth” look to promote an appearance that while less aggressive is no less alluring. Whether it is a casual stroll through the park, an afternoon at a museum or coffee with a friend. Alina provides a springtime look that is relaxed, inviting and always certain to turn a few heads.

    Well done Deary

    1. You sound like I’m walking on a catwalk and you’re the moderator of the show, commenting on what I’m wearing :))
      Thank you for the sweet comment! :-*

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