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You know how there are some people in your life that inspire you, motivate you and charge you with positive energy? I have 4 of them. Four girls that are beautiful inside and out.

We’ve been brought together by an unfortunate series of events… I’m kidding. It was just school :)) but sometimes that place can make you feel miserable and misery loves company. However, the dynamic of this group isn’t based on that. It’s more about laughing (a lot), daydreaming, intelligent puns (my favorite) and overall a ton of good vibes. And what I love most about this group is that each girl is unique. From music taste to style, each of them brings something different to the table. Which makes things interesting and keeps it fresh. I like that we have our special place where we go have drinks, I like that we are independent in the sense that each of us has her own thing/hobbies etc, I like that we can laugh at each other without anyone getting offended and I like the fact that even though we all have strong personalities, somehow we don’t clash but we complete each other.

They are fierce and ambitious but also girly, tough but vulnerable too, innocent but not naive. They have it all and I really think the 5 of us could rule the world. Or a small kingdom. Whichever.

I am grateful that I met them and I hope our friendship will bloom over the years and last forever.

Now, about the outfit in this post, I went for something simple because I wanted the t-shirt to stand out. I love this t-shirt. Sadly, it’s not mine and I only had the chance to wear it this one time. But if it were mine, I’d wear it to death. I’d wear it with boyfriend jeans and heels, I’d wear it with puffy tulle skirts and sneakers, cropped jeans and ankle boots and the list goes on. Its real owner only sleeps in it which I find that to be such a waste of a cool t-shirt. You see how unfair life can be? :))

I’ll go now to finish my coffee and listen to music all the while pretending to study for my exams. It’s my new thing.





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