Overall dress


   I cut my hair. Yes, I did it myself because I trust no one when it comes to my hair:)) I’m happy with the results. I just wish I would have cut it a bit shorter but I thought that after 15 years or so of long hair, I might have a shock if it’s all of the sudden too short. However, I am not happy with all the fluff that I have going on up there:)) Since it’s shorter, it’s lighter too and it gets too much volume. I am still looking for ways to fix that.
   Today’s outfit is about an overall dress that I bought from Asos many months ago and haven’t had a chance to wear it. I wore it today and I felt so girly. Love that feeling:)
   I wish you an awesome weekend!


   Mi-am taiat parul. Da, mi l-am taiat singura pentru ca nu am incredere in nimeni cand vine vorba de parul meu:)) Sunt foarte multumita de rezultat. As si vrut doar sa-l fi taiat putin mai scurt dar m-am gandit ca dupa 15 ani de purtat parul lung, as avea un soc daca ar fi deodata prea scurt. Si totusi, nu sunt incantata de volumul exagerat pentru capul meu. Fiind mai scurt, e si mai usor si atunci capata mai mult volum decat de obicei. Inca mai caut solutii sa rezolv si problema asta.
   Tinuta de astazi are in centru rochia cu bretele pe care am cumparat-o acum multe luni de pe Asos dar pe care n-am avut ocazia sa o port niciodata. Am purtat-o astazi si m-am simtit foarte feminina cu ea. Imi place sa ma simt asa:)
   Va doresc un sfarsit de saptamana extraordinar!

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