I love the ’50s and the ’60s fashion so so much and obviously a lot of other people do because it became retro. ‘Retro’ is defined as ‘looking like or relating to styles or fashions from the past’, says Merriam-Webster dictionary. That was the time when fashion highlighted the most our femininity.
   My pictures here are inspired by the ’60s fashion. It’s my first attempt at a retro look and I think I’m gonna do it again soon because it was so much fun being dressed like that. Especially in Mangalia… people were staring, I was ignoring them..oh the fun we had!:))
   Hope you’re having an awesome day!


   Imi place atat de mult moda anilor ’50 si ’60 si e evident ca multora le place pentru ca moda acestor ani a devenit retro. Definitia ‘retro’ din dictionarul Mirriam-Webster este ‘a arata sau a imprumuta stiluri si moda din trecut’. In perioada respectivilor ani, moda a subliniat cel mai bine feminitatea noastra.
   Pozele mele sunt inspirate din moda anilor ’60. E prima mea incercare pentru un look retro si cred ca o sa repet experienta pentru ca a fost foarte distractiv sa fiu imbracata asa. Mai ales in Mangalia… lumea se uita lung la mine, eu o ignoram…. ce ne-am mai distrat!:))
   Sper ca aveti o zi nemaipomenita!

3 thoughts on “Retro

  1. Oh dear, you look adorable! I’m not surprised people were staring at you but let’s maybe assume they were curious and pleased to see someone as cute as you :).

    Oh, and btw., I think wearing white tights is SO daring. I mean, I can never get myself to do that even though I absolutely love the look. I don’t really know why it’s so hard for me. Thanks for encouraging my thought process on this topic, I might just get a pair and try it out!

    1. Aaaaayyyy you so deserve this, well atulacly you deserve to be on the main page of the Vouge, but who knows 😉 LOve all the looks, no one style the colorblocking trend better than you!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Klara. They mean a lot to me, especially coming from you.:)
    As for the white tights, I think girls should wear them more often. They make you look and feel like a pretty ballerina… and who doesn’t love a ballerina?:)

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