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   Today I went thrift shopping. There’s a little thrift shop across the street from my apartment building and the saleswoman always hangs some of the clothes in the window to entice people. Well, it works on me. I find myself constantly looking out the window to see what did she hang today? :))
   So I went in and looked through some of the clothes and I found a couple of cute tops, a couple of nice sweaters and a scarf. All in perfect condition, some are actually new, and I paid 8 euros/10$ on them all so it was a bargain.
   It’s not the first time I’m buying from a shop like this and I advocate for them because you can find some great things at a very small price. Just wash them really well, a couple of times if necessary, and always add perfumed fabric softener to the load because the detergent they use to wash them with before sending the clothes into shops has a very strong, specific smell and you’re gonna want to get rid of it.
   Anyway, I’m happy with my finds and can’t wait to wear them! 🙂
   I hope you had a nice day and I wish you a wonderful night!

   Astazi am fost la un magazin second hand. Vis-a-vis de blocul meu e un mic magazin second hand unde doamna vanzatoare pune cateva haine pe umerase, in geam, sa atraga cumparatori. Ei bine, pe mine m-a atras. De fapt, ma surprind des uitandu-ma pe geam sa vad ce haine a mai pus azi?:))
   Asa ca azi am intrat si m-am uitat prin magazin si am gasit doua topuri dragute, doua pulovere faine si o esarfa/fular. Toate sunt in perfecta stare, ba chiar unele sunt noi, si am platit 35 de lei pe toate. Deci am facut o afacere buna.
   Nu e prima data cand cumpar dintr-un astfel de magazin si chiar sustin shopping-ul in magazinele SH pentru ca poti gasi lucruri deosebite la un pret mic. Dar spalati-le bine, de doua ori daca e nevoie, si intotdeauna adaugati balsam parfumat la spalare pentru ca detergentul folosit de ei pentru curatarea hainelor inainte sa ajunga in magazine are un miros distinct si foarte puternic de care o sa vreti sa scapati numaidecat.
   Eu sunt fericita cu noile achizitii si abia astept sa le port!:)
   Sper ca ati avut o zi frumoasa si va doresc o seara minunata!

2 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping

  1. I hear you, sister! I love to shop in thrift stores/second-hand shops/vintage shops/whatever they call it. It’s almost always a bargain and I’m always enjoying the mystery of what treasue I might find this time. Because in this kind of shops, you just never know!

    I also think it’s a very environmentally-friendly kind of shopping, but that’s a totally another topic worth a individual blog post.

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