The wool jacket

grey wool jacket look
grey wool jacket, grey skater skirt, stradivarius over the knee socks
wool jacket
wool jacket, asos quilted top
asos quilted top, skater skirt, fullah sugah brown over the knee boots
grey skater skirt, outfit
Fullah Sugah boots
Wool jacket, Asos quilted top, Jennifer skirt, Fullah Sugah boots, no name bag

The day these photos were taken it was so warm, almost Spring like. If it weren’t for the wind blowing from a different direction every 5 seconds, it would have been the perfect day. I don’t know what wind currents are here in Mangalia but man, I’m tired of eating my own hair every time I smile or talk:)) Aaaanyway, this post is about the jacket. A wool blazer that I thought it could be worn as a jacket considering the wool keeps you so warm. If it would have been colder outside, I would have thrown in the mix a big scarf too.
I really like this outfit and I think I’m gonna wear it again with different tops or scarves. I felt girly and chic:) After all, it doesn’t matter what you look like but what you feel like because at the end of the day, it’s all about confidence and attitude.

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2 thoughts on “The wool jacket

  1. Girly and chic, that’s what I thought! And you look really lovely here, great match of the wool jacket and the skirt, they look like they were born together. And man, wool… it’s like the best thing ever for days like that: keeps you warm enough but not overheated. Miracle fabric.

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