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      I wonder how many bloggers stare at the blank page on the screen until they start writing their post. I do that. Once I start writing, ideas flow naturally and I usually don’t stop until I’m done. But I always have trouble with that first sentence. And I keep thinking ‘Boy, did I choose the wrong name for my blog!’. An hour later, I start writing :))

     Today I want to talk about the denim dress. The denim dress is like the little black dress for casual wear: it’s easy to accessorize and it will always be in style. Another plus is that it usually has a ’70s vibe. And who doesn’t love the ’70s? If you don’t have a denim dress, you can always turn an oversize denim shirt into a dress. Roll up the sleeves and put a belt on it. Wear it with a pair of boots or heels and you have yourself a cool look. Further more, you can add a statement necklace or some bangle bracelets for a feminine touch or, if you want to go full retro, you could wear a red bandana like a headband. It doesn’t have to be red, I just think denim and red go well together. This is off the top of my head but there are tons of outfits that can be based on the denim shirt/dress.
I can’t wait for warmer days to wear mine with flats, boots, heels, belt, no belt, whatever I feel like. The cold weather limits my options and I hate that. Not to mention, I’m sick and tired of tights. It was fun for a while but joke’s over. I think beautiful bare legs beat any kind of nylons or tights.

     I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Now it’s a new week. It’s like a blank page. Let’s not just stare at it! 😉
Go, be, work and play!

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6 thoughts on “Denim Dress

  1. I love what you wrote here- very inspiring! Also your look is adorable, I LOVE me some denim too- I have so many denim tops but not really any denim dresses. I love when they do the ones that have the cups kind of lined out and adding a little perforation detailing- so girly & summery! x


    1. Thank you, Lauren. You should get yourself a denim dress. Personally, I think blue denim looks so good on blondes. You’d rock it in the most fabulous way!

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