Socks and Sandals

metallic blue sandals, ribbon sandals



Β Sandals with socks are a No No … unless the sandals are magnificent and the socks are cute enough or simple enough. We’re talking ‘fashion girl’ not ‘average Joe’.
I love this particular combination because, if done right, it can completely change a look. I believe your best bet is to go for chunky sandals and sweeten their roughness with a pair of socks. Depending on the sandals- color, print, heel and so on, you can go from simple beige to ruffled, ribbons or bright colorful socks. I’d say you should keep it down with the ribbons because the combination itself already gives the outfit a childish look. You want to channel Lolita, not become her. Another big plus is that you can wear your sandals during winter as well. Cool trend, huh? πŸ™‚
I pulled out my ‘inspiration/wishlist’ file to share some pics of what sandals I have in mind plus some pics of the actual combination. I’d wear them all!

Click on the pics if you feel like doing some shopping. πŸ˜‰

brown chunky sandals, asos, summer heels


zara black chunky sandals
hm elegant black sandals
bershka navy ankle strap wedges


socks and sandals



colorfull socks and sandals


9 thoughts on “Socks and Sandals

  1. i wanted to try this but i’m not sure if peope would readily accept the idea.hehe i’m thinking of ruffles socks and sandals for a vintage mood.

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