The Chunky Knit Cardigan


hm grey scarf, long cardigan
Earth tones




brown loose knit cardigan look

suede ankle boots, brown bag

 new look chiffon shirt, ripped jeans

h&m oversize grey scarf, knit cardigan


A long cardigan can turn an otherwise boring outfit into an interesting look. Midi or maxi, I love ’em all. When I bought the one I’m wearing, I was in a chunky knit hysteria, looking for a sweater, but all I could find was this cardigan. I wasn’t ‘in love’ with it but bought it as a compromise since I was too tired to keep looking. Years later, here I am, ‘the girl who wore her cardigan to death’ . I wore it time and time again, especially during the summer. The loose knit makes it perfect for those cool summer nights and it looks kinda sexy when you wear this big cardigan over … well, barely any clothes at all. It’s the mystery and the peek-a-boo effect  that intrigues the mind.
Today I wore it with a nude chiffon shirt, ripped blue jeans and suede ankle boots. To add even more volume to the look, I threw on the big scarf and grabbed an oversized bag. I was comfortable and warm but also managed to keep it interesting- the holy trinity of a fashion girl trying to make it in one piece ’til Spring’s arrival.


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16 thoughts on “The Chunky Knit Cardigan

  1. If looks could kill
    you’d be lying on the floor
    you’d be begging me please please
    baby don’t hurt me no more

    1. Thanks! Yes, chunky sweaters are a must. An upside of being petite is that almost everything looks chunky on me haha So yeah, I’m all for chunky and oversize trends 😀

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