This week’s playlist

Glow white sweater
Sweater Weather…kinda

bershka jeans, walk on the beach

red sneakers, casual look, white loose sweater

efortless look

red sunglasses, white sweater, ripped jeans, red sneakers look

girl standing on the road, fashion blogger


Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood inspired my look and also this new post in my Music category. I know you don’t really come here for the music but one day when you are looking for some new songs to add to your playlist, come check out the Music category on here. I’m not saying it’s unheard music and I’m so cool I know it all, I’m just saying that there might be stuff you haven’t heard.
I think I’m gonna make this a weekly thing. Most of my music is indie, alternative, pop, trip-hop, britpop…. a bit of everything and I’d love to share my favorites with you.
The Neighbourhood needs no introduction cause everyone heard Sweater Weather and it’s still fresh in our memory. I posted below some of their other songs that I like. Every time I listen to this band, I fall in love with a different song. This week is Baby Came Home. LOVE IT! You can click the pic and read a cool interview with the band.


music band the neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood




Next is The Raveonettes, an indie, alternative Danish band, that I’ve discovered many years ago in a video of New Yorker- the clothing line, not the newspaper. It was an awesome clip about their fall line and it had Lust by The Raveonettes as a soundtrack. I would have loved to share that clip with you but I can’t find it anymore. I have been looking for it for a long time and a couple of years ago I even emailed New Yorker asking for a link to that clip but they either didn’t know what I was talking about or they didn’t have it. Yes, I was that obsessed with it. Anyway, The Raveonettes have an interesting sound and they also designed a clothing line so they are double cool 😀

angus and julia stone
The Raveonettes





Third band on the list is Angus and Julia Stone, Australian brother and sister, both so beautiful and talented. Their music style is folk and indie and they deserve a listen cause they are pretty awesome. I always get so relaxed when listening to Big Jet Plane.

Angus & Julia Stone
Angus and Julia Stone




Last but not least is Florrie, a British model into drums, singing and writing. She’s electropop and her lyrics are quite catchy. I find her fun and girly with an edge.

florrie singer



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  1. Really nice outfit, so simple — and it just works. Love the sweater, it looks so cozy.

    Thanks for sharing all the music! I didn’t know there bands. I think I like the next to last one best. Really good.

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