My affair with Bucharest

traffic lights in the city
Not Bucharest but close enough

I haven’t seen Bucharest with my own eyes but through the eyes of someone else. I was never there on my own but always with someone else.
The first significant experience with Bucharest happened many years ago. I was in love with a boy that lived there and, for a while, I was a frequent visitor in the capital city. There were butterflies and fireworks and I was falling so deeply in love that I don’t remember much about Bucharest. That fire blinded me and all I remember is a feeling. A feeling of a life filled with beautiful old buildings and good music, a feeling of hot, never ending summer nights, a bittersweet taste of a breathtaking, consuming love. I wish I knew how much of this was him and how much was the city because there’s indeed something romantic about Bucharest. How romantic? That remains to be seen.
I will be moving there very soon. I can’t wait to start a new life, discover the city by myself and make new memories. Preparing my big move involves a lot of trips to Bucharest and I’ve been having the chance to see it in a different light, a bit more modern and bright. Also, I am curious to find out why people go there and never want to leave. They all say it’s great to live there but their day to day life doesn’t sound very appealing to me. I’m probably missing something. I guess it’s like that fable with the country mouse and the city mouse. I hope I can adapt fast and not change too much. As in, I want to keep wearing heels even if I have to chase two buses and a tram just to get to work or school.
I am hopeful and excited to begin this new chapter in my life.



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  1. Good luck there! Moving to a new place is always so exciting! I love this feeling of ‘good- fear’ 😀 Waiting for updates about it!

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