He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


“There are two kinds of love that one can live: the ordinary love… the most common love, a love that can happen on more than one occasion in life… It’s that love that ‘lasts 3 years’.
And then there’s the second kind of love that happens once in a lifetime and never goes away. They say you can truly love just once (but it can also never happen).
That makes us wonder if the first kind of love is really love…
…just like cheerfulness is not happiness, but a subdivision of it.”

Someone said this to me once.  A bit depressing if you ask me but nevertheless true. I guess life makes no room for mistakes, does it? I think the most pressing question is: what constitutes a great love?

On a less dramatic note, here are some great songs to keep us entertained until weekend comes. 🙂


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