Summer Dress








I love this dress to death. It’s so cute and comfortable and I admit I wear it a lot. I love its powder blue color and the perforated fabric. It’s been on the blog before but that time I wore it with ankle boots and a leather jacket. I like it better this time. The sandals are a better match especially with the hot weather we’ve been having. I barely had time to wear flats and I already had to switch to sandals; but it’s okay cause they’re so beautiful, I couldn’t wait to wear them again.

I wish I had more photos to upload but I couldn’t find a nice place to do that. The park behind me wasn’t open so, as you can see, I only admired it from the outside. Maybe next time.


18 thoughts on “Summer Dress

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  2. The dress is indeed lovely! I was hoping to find similar fabric to sew with… but I might have to get a ready to wear dress instead ;).

  3. I love your heels! I’ve been looking for that evwrywhere. Could you tell me where’d you buy it? I would love to get a pair. ?

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