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This dress was my mother’s. There’s a photo of her and I when I was 2 and she’s wearing this dress. I wish I had the photo to show you but it’s back home. It’s safe to say this dress is timeless and I’m glad it fits me so well because there was a time when I couldn’t zip it up. I had plans to visit the botanical garden and I thought this dress would be perfect for it. And I was right! Its romantic vibes and the purple smoke flowers made me feel like I was in an exotic fairy tale. And I say that because I saw the jungle and some exotic forests. I could have imagined I was in The Hunger Games but I had no arrows in my purse and the dress begged for an exotic fairy tale so there you have it.

I kept it simple with just a necklace and two rings as jewellery. The watch shouldn’t be part of the outfit but I can’t go anywhere without one so … just imagine I’m a fairy tale character that’s always on time 😀

And speaking of that, I must go now. I have a date. With Starbucks. The mother ship is calling and I can’t be late!

Have an awesome day!



15 thoughts on “Exotic Fairy Tale

  1. Tis a death buy a thousand cuts that I must suffer
    as my heart bleeds if only a little more and more
    each and every time I cast my gaze upon such a rare and special beauty
    Oh what a toilsome task it is to summon the strength and will to carry forward
    dear friend, but I must, oh yes, but I must…

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