The Heart Wants What It Wants





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I’m not late to the party. I’ve liked this song since it first came out but I’ve just recently started to listen to it on repeat. With me, if it makes the Repeat button, it means I really love it. I’m not a Selena fan and I don’t like the first part when she’s crying (it makes me very uncomfortable) but I love the song and the video is nice too so that’s the reason for the title.

Today’s outfit is about the top. It was a gift from my BFF and I love it so much(thank you!). I’ve worn it over and over again to the point that the lady at the bakery down stairs suspects me I have nothing else to wear but this. Or else, why the stink eye? 😯

I paired the top with another go-to item of mine: the shorts; then purple suede sandals and blue accessories: earrings and bracelets. The bag, I just grabbed on the way out but it works fine with everything else and it had a little surprise from the last time I wore it: the ring 🙂 This is a special ring because it was a gift I received 10 years ago…from my boyfriend at the time, Alex, that I’ve never actually met face to face. Haha. Ah, to be young, naive, in love and with a decent internet connection 😀 I always think of him when I wear it and I think it’s nice to have a token of something that felt good at the time, especially since I don’t remember much about him, except he was in med school, planning to be a surgeon like his father. So that’s the story of the ring 🙂

Well, that’s it for right now. It’s 9 AM and I still have some coffee left in my cup so I’ll go finish that and then start my day.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!





8 thoughts on “The Heart Wants What It Wants

  1. Loved the story of the ring so much! Wow, takes me back 10 year ago or so when I, too, had a boyfriend over the internet… ahh, to be yong, naive and in love :D.

    Love the blouse, it’s such a lovely piece! The whole outfit is so effortless and everyday and pretty.

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