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I am the kind of person who has obsessions that come and go one at a time. There’s the music phase, the shopping phase, the fashion phase which is not the same as the previous, the cosmetics phase, the love phase (hard to explain but what a high is this one!), the books phase, the TV series, the hand made phase when I ruin my clothes in my delusional moments of ‘I can cut and sew them better’ and a couple more phases that I’m gonna leave out to save face (as if! Lol).

I am in my shopping phase right now, stage 1 where I research the market, and what’s strange and kinda funny is that instead of looking at the discount section or at least the summer collections( because my God it’s so hot here in Bucharest), I’m looking at winter coats and boots. Like big, furry, heavy winter coats 😀 . The hotter it gets outside, the bigger become the coats of my desire. I can’t help but want to fast forward to Fall. It’s my favorite season and this year I have double reason to want it here faster because guess who’s starting college in the fall? I’ve recently applied to college and yesterday I saw my name on the much-awaited Admitted list. Looks like I’ll be a student again and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I didn’t enjoy it the first time at all but things have changed for me since then. I have a lot more support, I am more mature, more ambitious and much more focused on the things that really matter.

I’ll be studying Marketing English which means the classes will be taught in English. How cool is that? And, between you and me, another cool thing about going to school are school outfits 😀 I have already put together a couple of looks. This is where the big coats and winter boots come in because it looks like living for such a long time in a place that has mostly warm winters, my outfits for snowy / blizzard / ‘OMG-my-toe-fell-off’ weather are nonexistent. See, I’m not crazy, I’m just thinking ahead 😉 😀

Today’s outfit is a product of the last shopping phase but I think it looks better in reality than it does in the photos. I guess some outfits aren’t that photogenic. Hope you like it anyway.



20 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked

  1. Angel came down from heaven yesterday
    She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
    And she told me a story yesterday,
    About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
    And then she spread her wings high over me
    She said she’s gonna come back tomorrow

  2. Oh my gosh, the phases! I’m in an epic Netflix stage right now, but wish I were in an exercise or go outside phase! I know what you mean about fall! It’s been so chilly here lately. I’ve been wearing boots and pashimina scarves all week!
    : signe :
    : the daily savant :

    1. Thank you, Izabela! 🙂
      Your latest purchase, the shoes, are beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you’ll cross off the wish list next! xo

  3. This is a great look! It’s perfect for being around town or even running errands. I know what you mean when you talk about obsessions in phases. Currently I’m obsessed with dresses, and specifically bodycon dresses!

  4. I am like you… It is over 30 degrees outside and I just dream f winter boots… hahah and idea of school is so great. I finished mine already, but I miss it a lot…
    You look very nice! My latest idea of winter boots is beige… Lets see if I find a perfect ones 🙂

  5. Great news, Alina! Congratulations on your college admittance :). I think it will be exciting to watch you develop your style for school days! It is definitely a nice change of pace.

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