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I remember buying this dress from my favorite thrift shop back in Mangalia. This shop was right across the street from my building and every morning I’d look from my window to their window shop to see what’s new. One day I saw this dress and I immediately ran down stairs to see if it’s as pretty as it looked like from my 4th floor window. And it was even prettier! The lady who owns the shop wasn’t there but her daughter was and I remember her saying that she really wanted the dress but it didn’t fit her. Well sure it didn’t because it was made for me 😀 The dress was brand new and it looked like it would fit me perfectly so I bought it.

I love the color, the polka dots and I love how girly it is! I think it has this retro chic vibe about it that I maximized with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a feminine updo. The updo was practical too because it was either that or shaving my hair completely- this heat is unbearable!

Too bad I don’t know any nice thrift shops in my new neighbourhood in Bucharest. I only saw two and they were kinda depressing. Makes me miss my old town even more.

There are moments when I feel so unhappy here but I’m hanging in there because it has only been 3 months and I hear Bucharest is beautiful in the fall.

How’s your summer going?



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