I’ve never been a fan of khaki and I think it’s because it reminds me of my father’s army uniform and the uniform reminds me of the mornings he used to drop me off at kindergarten and I would scream bloody murder thinking it’s all a plot to abandon me there. I was 3 yo and not completely paranoid because my parents did forget me there once. Their miscommunication had me spend the night at the boarding school on the second floor. So yeah, to me khaki translate to ‘Please don’t leave me here’.

However, when my best friend G. sent me this skirt, I thought it’s so pretty that it deserves a night out. I was mesmerized by the subtle golden sequins that made me see less army uniform and more midnight forest (that’s actually the name of a shimmery deep green eye shadow that I have and love but the name goes well for the skirt too, don’t you think? 😀 ).

I paired the skirt with the vest that also has subtle sequins and tiny pearlescent beads and the rest just came naturally. For jewellery, I went with golden bangles and that green statement necklace that I think served its purpose of emphasizing the skirt’s color.

It might seem that I plan my outfits in detail but I don’t. If and when I do that, I almost always end up not liking it. The process I’m describing in my posts, like how I paired that thing with the other thing and so on, it’s just to trick you into thinking I know what I’m doing. Ha ha! Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. All I know is that too much planning of an outfit kills my spontaneity and creativity and ultimately makes me look like I’m trying too hard. And that’s such a turn off fashion wise. Sadly, there’s a flaw in my master (non)plan and that flaw is that whatever I decide to wear, it needs ironing right then and there because I don’t have enough space to keep everything neatly on hangers. So yes, 5 minutes before I need to leave the house I’m in my underwear, sweating over the ironing board, fighting the wrinkles and hoping I won’t be late 😆

I’m curious to know what’s the process like for other people. Anyone else like me? 😀


32 thoughts on “Shimmers

  1. I am sorry for the feeling you had being a child and thinking you would be abandoned! That’s why khaki is not a good memory! I don’t wear khaki myself, true. I may have 3 pieces, but not more and I confess that I don’t wear it for ages! I liked your skirt and your necklace very much, and I think you have beautiful hair and that you look beautiful!

    1. Thank you!
      And yes, for work it’s safe and preferable to plan ahead. I’m not a morning person anyway so rushing in the morning would make it even worse.

  2. I’ve never been much of a fan of khaki mostly because… it’s not pink? probably :))
    I can see why the skirt won you over, though, it looks great on you! When it comes to outfits, for me it depends on what that outfit is for. If it’s meant to be worn at an important event, I generally plan it in advance, if we’re talking everyday wear, sometimes I don’t even take time to iron it haha 😀

  3. Oh my god, that sounds like me trying to get ready! I don’t really plan my outfits either unless for an event of something I specifically want to wear & then it never fails its wrinkled lol every time! This skirt is so cute and the color is really flattering on you, you should wear it more especially with Fall coming I am sure you will be able to fit it into a lot of your outfits! Love it!


    Blame It On Barneys

  4. You look really nice! I so know what you mean about describing process… Lately I try to write about it a bit more freely, not focusing so much on the combining process… I dont know if it is better, but I have a feeling of being a bit more creative 😀
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you, Eliza! The necklace had a double string of those khaki drops, one on top of the other, but I took one off because I thought it looks too big. Less is more, right?:) I love it now!

  5. Well hello! I love how you styled this look. I must admit, I’ve always been a fan of khaki/military green pieces so I am most definitely a fan of this skirt. It looks like it has a natural swing to it that would make it so fun to wear.

    …BTW, your hair looks like you are literally in a shampoo commercial. Gorgeous locks!
    Have a great start to your week,

    1. Thanks Kathryn! It’s indeed fun to wear and because of it I am starting to really like khaki now 😀
      My hair has good and bad days. I guess this was a good day 🙂

  6. Well from your story I can see why you probably do not like khaki! That is quite the ordeal! I do love this skirt and I am sure it helps you to like khaki as a color more!

    I try to plan my outfits out the night before as I wear so many little details but sometimes I just put on the first pretty thing I see in my closet. I do not own an iron as it take up to much time and space with the ironing board so instead I steam my clothes with a clothes steamer and that takes no time at all.


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