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Carmen Negoita_vogue   Celine Aagard 2_vogue  Charlotte G_vogue  Elena Perminova 3 Vogue 28Jan15 Dvora_b_vogue  Float on_vogue  Green fingers_vogue  Hande Can Yuce 8_vogue  Helena Bordon 1-PFW-Street-Chic-Vogue-8Mar15_b_vogue  Hikari Yokoyama_vogue  Linda Tol-PFW-Street-Chic-Vogue-8Mar15_b_vogue  Nasiba Adilova 2 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_vogue  NewYorkSS16Day5-1054_vogue  NewYorkSS16Day7-9840-vogue-17sep15-DaneilGrandel_b_vogue  Silver_1_vogue  Sofie Valkiers 3 Vogue 27Jan15 Dvora_b_vogue  Yellow pom pom Vogue 27Jan15 Dvora_b_vogue  YoYo Cao 2_vogue


Looking for inspiration, I started browsing Vogue UK online.

I started small, with the latest fashion shows and then worked my way down the list and finally stopped on the Street Chic aka street style section of the website. I’ve been stuck there for 3 days. The people, the clothes, the colors, the textures, the photography!

So, after a day and a half of browsing and ahhh-ing and ohhh-ing, I thought it would be wise to make a file, a separate one from the other Inspiration files I already have, and put in there all the photos that I love and analyze what I love about them, weather it’s the whole outfit, a sparkle of an idea I get from the outfit or simply the photography.

Whenever I look at those photos I feel so inspired and it puts me in such a good mood that I thought maybe I should share a few of them and put you in a good mood also 🙂

There are tons of other fabulous photos on the website and I find that it’s easier to take all that beauty in when you see more at once rather then a dozen or so. Cause you see, it’s like a good TV series: it’s better when you binge on it 😀

Do you have a favorite from my picks?


4 thoughts on “Inspiration File

  1. Thank you for the share! I always get a buzz from looking at street style: fashionista’s wearing amazing clothes and we all know they’ve take some time to artfully arrange their outfits. They give me so much inspiration and motivation to try different looks or styles. I often carry a small camera around me when I go to social events and snap anyone wearing an outfit that catches my eye. 🙂

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