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I love midi skirts. I think they are feminine, classy and perfect for any occasion. They say that midi skirts can elongate one’s figure and make them appear taller. And it’s true but it has to be the right length because a couple of centimeters more can do the exact opposite. I’ve learned that the hard way. Heels help but I find that a midi skirt becomes flattering when it’s just over the knee. No longer than that but long enough that the knee isn’t visible when you walk.

Now, even though I like the outfit that I’ve put together for this post, it’s a Don’t! It’s the perfect example of the wrong length of a midi skirt. Even with heels, I still look dwarfed because the skirt is a tad longer than it should be. Don’t get me wrong, you can wear your midi skirts however you like and you can pull off any length as long as you’re confident and happy wearing it. My advice is more for the petite girls that are self aware of their height and are interested in correcting this ‘flaw’. It’s more like cuteness but for the sake of the argument, we’ll say ‘flaw’. 😀

This skirt was my mother’s. She used to wear a lot of midi skirts but a lot of calf length skirts also. I guess the last one was a big trend years ago because her wardrobe is full of them. The ones she gave to me, I took to the tailor and had them modified. Some became mini, some became midi and some I chose not to alter because their style or prints wouldn’t allow modifications without losing what made them special in the first place. This white skirt hasn’t been shortened but I will take it to the tailor and then post another look with it. A Before and After in a two part post just to keep you in suspense 😆

I’m starting to become a little expert on this height thing 🙂 It’s part research and part personal experience and I think it’s important to know what to buy or invest in when you’re on a budget and can’t afford making mistakes. Literally. I don’t always follow the fashion guide lines for petite girls because I’d limit myself, my taste and my personal style way too much to feel good in my own skin. However, a few tips and tricks can help with an outfit dilemma or with a trend that looks good on others but not great on the small girls. Like the mid-calf boots. They look fantastic on the catwalk but for a petite girl to wear them, becomes problematic. First, you need lean calves. Second, a short skirt is better. The more leg you show, the taller you look. If you opt for pants, go for the high waisted ones and keep your top tucked in, at least in the front. It will give the illusion of longer legs. And third, choose a pair that doesn’t hit the exact middle of your calves. I’ve noticed that if you go for a pair that’s a bit higher on your leg, it looks better. And that’s simply because it seems that your legs are too long for the boots to go as high. Of course, heels are better because you don’t have to try as hard and the rules above become more flexible but you can combine them all and become ‘Tall Girl’… just as long as you don’t stand near actual tall girls :))


There are also those type of high ankle boots that are above the ankle but not mid-calf, just in between. Same rules apply except for the last one. In this case you need to pick a pair that hits lower than on an average person would so you would be showing more leg. Although I find them beautiful, I believe that these type of boots were created against petite girls. It’s almost impossible to look perfectly proportioned wearing these type of boots as a short girl.


Whatever you do, remember you have to give the illusion of looong legs. Legs are the key and if you manage that, you can wear anything you want.

There’s more to be said on the subject but I’ll leave that for the part deux.

Have a wonderful week!



21 thoughts on “The Petite Girls Club (part one)

    1. Thank you! Any length works as long as you love wearing it. I like the skirt and the look turned out nice but not perfect. But I’m very glad you love it. Means a lot!

  1. I’m petite and I’ve been told I look like a midget in midi skirts, but I couldn’t care less! I love how feminine they are and honestly, it’s always better to be a little on the short side than on the tall one. I can get up on heels to appear taller, but I’d hate it if I couldn’t wear heels at an event because then I’d be one head above my partner (not that I have anything against girls that do, it’s just a personal preference). I think you should wear whatever it is that makes you feel confident and beautiful, regardless of whatever the fashion “rules” say.


    1. Absolutely! Anything goes as long as you’re feeling beautiful wearing it. I just don’t like when ‘the aesthetics guidelines’ say that I shouldn’t be wearing this or that so I try to find ways around the ‘rules’ while still looking and feeling good.

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