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There was a window of a couple of days when I could have worn sandals and socks, one of my favorite combo that I already expressed and encouraged in a previous post, but I missed it. I missed the opportunity because I didn’t find the time nor the occasion for an outfit with socks and sandals and now… well, now it looks like winter is coming. It’s so freaking cold!

The day I should have taken advantage to wear the s&s combo, I wore the outfit above instead. Ankle boots and socks are also pretty cool and quite popular. I hope the warm fall weather comes back because there are tons of other outfits with socks that I wanna try. This might sound strange but there’s something about socks that I find rather sexy πŸ˜€ Can’t really explain why that is. Of course, we’re not talking about old and full of holes socks. If your socks look like they could be a hand puppet, it’s time to throw them out :)) I’m not the crafty kind so that’s my only option but I guess even the ‘hand puppet’ ones can be turned into something. Your call.


Right now I’m very into glitter and metallic socks. Calzedonia stores have a wide variety of sparkly socks this fall but I’ve seen glittery ankle socks in other clothing stores as well. The plus about investing in multiple styles and colors when it comes to socks is that they won’t burn a hole in your wallet (or at least they shouldn’t) and they’ll give an edge to an otherwise dull outfit.

I won’t get into the over the knee socks topic because I’ve been a big fan for a long time and if I start talking about them, this post might become a two-volume novel. The post was supposed to be about the green jacket anyway but the socks obsession took over. πŸ˜€

I picked out a few pairs that I thought you might find cute or interesting and you could also leave the links of the ones you’ve found and loved. I’d love to see what’s your must-have pair of socks this fall/winter!



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  1. I’d crawl naked over a mile of broken glass just to eat the tire off the truck that took those socks to the laundry!

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