Fall is finally here. For reals! 😀

I noticed that this particular season is loved and adored by most fashionistas. Maybe it’s because of the abundance of options when it comes to layering, maybe it’s because we secretly are hopeless romantics or maybe it’s about the colors.

I’d share my long list of why I love fall so much but I’m pretty sure you can guess most of my reasons all on your own. Instead I’ll just share a few songs that have been my favorites lately and tell you that my first week of uni went great but that I haven’t made a routine for myself yet. That means that I feel like my schedule is all over the place, my mind is on overdrive and my time seems so limited. I need to find a routine, my routine so I can get back on track, especially with the blog.

I have an outfit post waiting to be edited so while I go do that, I’ll leave you with part of my playlist, maybe you find something you like.



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