I’m still here.

I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike. ‘For over a month?’ you’d ask. Well, yes. And I’m still waiting :)) I think the cold weather has been acting like an inhibitor. Also, I’ve been busy with school. I’m happy to say that the first semester is over and I’ve passed all my exams. Yay!

I’m so glad winter is almost over. I’m literally tired of wearing lots of clothes. I’m too fragile to carry all that weight, all day long, plus my school bag that might seem light in these pics but it is not. I miss wearing just shorts, sneakers and a tee… I miss the simpler times. I even started having fantasies about mini vacations out in the nature, camping and stuff. And that’s unusual for me. I’m so not a tent girl. It might be the Bucharest effect if I’m willing to trade dressing up and going out for cocktails with sleeping with bugs. I just miss the open space and fresh air you usually find outside this dusty city.

I’ll end this post here because my nostalgia for ConstAngeles is taking over -again!- and I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about the sand, the sea, the breeze and so on.




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