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I like my blog. And I like taking outfit pics and writing posts. What I don’t like about having a blog is when I have to share the pics on social media and write a caption to go with them. If I had to do it for someone or something else, I’d be fine with it but for me? It feels unnatural. It’s like I’m saying ‘Hey, look at me! I’m so pretty and so smart and so talented!’ I don’t want to say that. I’m not delusional. I may be when it comes to other things but not this. But how blunt can I be with my captions without making people misunderstand me or feel uncomfortable? Most of the times, what I really want to write in those little boxes is ‘Here, I posted a new look and wrote some stuff. Look at it. Or not. Whatever.’ Sounds rude, doesn’t it? Or at best, it sounds like I don’t like my own posts so why should anyone else? Why should anyone take their time to check out the post if it seems like I don’t care if they do? But I do! I do care. I just hate feeling like I’m getting in their faces, bugging them with my fluffy posts and spamming them with my photos.

When I was little, my mother used to dress me very nice. I was like a living doll with my full skirts, girly dresses, black or red Mary Janes and lace ruffle ankle socks. And I was even more dressed up when we had to go somewhere. I remember waiting for her outside of our building and feeling so embarrassed dressed like that in front of the other kids, that were my friends, but that in that particular moment had a different attitude towards me. One time, another girl actually said to me ‘ oh you think you’re so better than us’. Her comment made me want to run and hide. I didn’t think that, not for a second. On the contrary. I didn’t run but I never waited for my mom downstairs again and when I did, I went out the back entrance where my playmates wouldn’t see me so dressed up. My point is that kids can be mean but so can adults. The only difference is kids say it to your face, therefore giving you a change to explain and set things straight, whereas adults…

They say that being modest is a quality but I bet that whoever said that, wasn’t that modest or else they’d know how much it sucks. Constantly downplaying your qualities and successes, especially in today’s world, isn’t a smart thing to do. Most of the time people confuse modesty with a lack of self-confidence and that is seen as a weakness, so what’s suppose to be a quality is now a flaw. On the other hand, displaying your self-confidence might be perceived as arrogance. Normally, you shouldn’t care what other people think but it does matter if it affects your job or relationships.

I’ve been called arrogant but I’ve also been told I lack self-confidence. So if people could make up their minds so I can write better targeted captions, that’d be great! :)) Other than that, what can I say… misjudging other people seems like an international sport these days and I want no part of it.

Now, about the outfit in today’s post… It was oh so cold! This printemps sucks. I tried to rectified that by wearing this lovely blinding scarf :)) . It’s much prettier in reality and the color is brighter than it shows in my photos. It was a gift from my best friend (thank you! :D) and I love it. Can’t wait to wear it again but replace the beige trench coat with something grey. I think this color combo will look fantastic. In the meantime, I’ll pray for higher temperatures, perfect light and some free time to be able to photograph all the outfits I’m thinking about.



12 thoughts on “Cards on the table

    1. Agreed. I think I need to find a way of accepting that some sort of exposure is necessary. Otherwise I might as well make a scrapbook/diary and be my own reader :))

  1. I hear you! It can be difficult to be on social media. All i know is we can’t please everyone all at the same time. So just be yourself and don’t worry if you sound too confident or not confident enough! Lol!
    I do love your cute outfit. Great way of keeping warm in unpredictable weather. The yellow scarf is perfect!


  2. Hi Alina, I feel the same way about my posts. I started blogging as an avenue to free myself from being put in a box and standing out as myself, but, at times, I feel like I have to think over what I say. Sometimes I feel like saying, I’m so much better in person – “get to know me” without sounding nutty. BTW – I need a coat like that. :-). I have a lot of scarves so I will be borrowing this look. 😉

    ♡ ColorMeLimitlessly ♡

    1. It’s refreshing to hear I’m not the only one in this situation 🙂 You can totally tell through your blog that you’re a great person. That’s easy to see 🙂
      Can’t wait to see you ‘scarves outfits’ 😀 I have plenty myself and I keep buying whenever I find something that catches my eye, I just forget to wear them 😛

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